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The Program prepares candidates to teach Spanish in Grades 7-12. Candidates who have successfully completed the Adolescence Education in Spanish Program, Grades 7 through 12, are eligible to apply for New York State initial certification in Spanish, Grades 7-12.

Spanish Education 7-12 BA


Spanish Requirements

SPAN200 Introduction to Literary Theory and Analysis 
SPAN208 Advanced Grammar 
SPAN209 Composition and Style 
SPAN210 Span Linguistics 
SPAN351 Cervantes 
SPAN413 Hispanic Civilization 
Choose one of the following  
SPAN221 Spanish Literature to 1700 
SPAN222 Spanish Literature 1700-Present 
Choose one of the following  
SPAN201 Hispanic-American Literature from its Origin Through Modernismo 
SPAN202 Hispanic-American Literature after Modernismo 

Spanish Electives

Select any 12 credits in the SPAN 200 Level or above. 6 credits MUST be at the 300 or 400 level 12 

Education Course Requirements


Foundation Sequence

EDUC271 Adolescent and Youth Development 
EDUC283 Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching and Learning 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
Choose one  
PHIL202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 

Professional Education Sequence

EDUC340 Literacy Instruction Inside Middle and Secondary Schools for English Only (EO) and English Language Learners (ELL's) 
EDUC371 Curriculum and Methods in the Secondary School: Spanish 
EDUC395 Curriculum and Methods in Subject Specific (K-12) Education I: Learning Goals and Assessments 

Student Teaching and Student Teaching Seminar

EDUC458 Supervised Teaching, Spanish, Grades 7-9 
EDUC459 Supervised Teaching, Spanish, Grades 10-12 

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