Mathematics Education 7-12 (BS)

Health Sciences and Professional Programs
General Education Requirements
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The Online Bulletin is for information purposes only. Current students must complete the requirements as outlined in the York Bulletin as applicable.
Course Descriptions
Course descriptions can be found in the online PDF version of the Bulletin

Students interested in a teaching career and New York State certification should file an application form in the Department of Teacher Education. The Program prepares candidates to teach Mathematics in grades 7-12. Candidates who successfully completed the requirements for Teacher Education in Mathematics, Grades 7-12 are eligible to apply for New York State initial certification in Mathematics, Grades 7-12.

Acceptance to the program is contingent upon:

  1. enrollment in the Mathematics major;
  2. a minimum GPA of 2.75;
  3. the passing of all CUNY assessment examinations;
  4. completion of 42-46 credits including the following: Cultural Diversity 210, History 201 or 202 or 204 (American History), Political Science 103 or Economics 102 or 103, and at least one laboratory science.

Mathematics Education 7 - 12 BS

MATH119 Computer Algebra System 
MATH121 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I 
MATH184 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I 
MATH122 Analytical Geometry & Calculus II 
MATH221 Analytical Geometry & Calculus III 
MATH210 Probability and Statistics I 
MATH225 Discrete Mathematical Structures 
MATH243 Combinatorial and Discrete Geometry 
MATH244 Geometric Structures 
MATH333 Linear Algebra 
MATH336 Modern Algebra 
MATH479 History and Philosophy of Mathematics 
MATH481-489 One seminar in Contemporary Mathematics 
4 Credits in Math or Computer Science 200 level or above 

Education Course Requirements

Foundations Sequence 12 
EDUC271 Adolescent and Youth Development 
EDUC283 Educational Psychology:Effective Teaching and Learning 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology* 
Choose one of the following
PHIL202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 

Professional Education Sequence

EDUC340 Literacy Instruction inside Middle and Secondary Schools 
EDUC373 Curriculum and Methods in the Secondary School: Mathematics 
EDUC395 Curriculum and Methods in Subject Specific (K-12) Education I: Learning Goals and Assessments 

Student Teaching and Student Teaching Seminar

EDUC440 Supervised Student Teaching, Mathematics, Grades 7-9 
EDUC441 Supervised Student Teaching, Mathematics, Grades 10-12 

Additional Mathematics Requirements

To fulfill their major requirements, all mathematics majors must complete five credits of natural science courses that are acceptable for the respective science majors. These courses also satisfy the General Education Requirement for Mathematics majors. Students interested in pursuing graduate study in Mathematics are also advised to take Advanced Calculus I (Math 423), Advanced Calculus II (Math 424), Complex Analysis (Math 425), and Topology (Math 426).

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