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Course Descriptions
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Anthropology Childhood Education BA


Required Courses 12 Credits

ANTH101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 
ANTH220 Social Research I 
ANTH321 Social Research Methods II 
ANTH310 Techniques of Cross-Cultural Research 
ANTH490 Independent Study 

Anthropology Elective Courses

Six elective courses in Anthropology, Sociology, or Black Studies (At least three courses must be in Anthropology, and at least three of the six courses must be numbered 300 or higher)  


Foundation Sequence 19 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
EDUC268 Bilingual and English Language Learner (ELL) Education 
EDUC280 Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers 
PSY215 Human Development I: Infancy/Childhood 
EDUC283 Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms 
MATH271 Topics in Foundational Mathematics 
PHIL202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 

Professional Educational Sequence

EDUC323 Curriculum and Methods in Elementary Education: Mathematics 
EDUC369WI Early Language & Literacy for English Only and English Language Learners (EO's & ELLs) 
EDUC370 Content Area Literacy Instruction For Mainstream English Only (EO) and English Language Learners (ELLs), Grades 2-6 
EDUC390 Elementary Curriculum & Methods I: Learning Goals and Assessments Across Curriculum 
EDUC392 Elementary Curriculum & Methods II: Instruction and Classroom Management Across Curriculum 

Student Teaching and Student Seminar

EDUC431 Supervised Student Teaching, Grades 1 - 3 
EDUC432 Supervised Student Teaching, Grades 4 - 6 
Total Credits  68 

Students who are also concentrating in Teacher Education should take Sociology 202 - Evolution of Major Ideas and Issues in Education as one of the five elective courses. That course will satisfy both requirements in Anthropology and Teacher Education.

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