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Course Descriptions
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Required Introductory Course.

Choose one from the following  
BLST101 Introduction to Black Studies 
BLST102 The Unforgiving Mirror: Race and Racism in Contemporary Society 
BLST103 Black Women in the Atlantic World 
BLST104 Introduction to Africa 

Required Courses

HIST276 History of Africa from 1800 to Present 
BLST202 Black Experience in the Caribbean 
HIST272 African American History 
Choose One:  
BLST401 Seminar 
BLST490 Directed Research 

Black Studies Electives:

Choose 15 Credits from the following courses. At least 6 credits MUST be at the 300 level or higher.  
ANTH241 Ethnology of Africa 
BLST213 African American Religions and Religious Practice 
BLST220 Western African Literature in English 
BLST222 Caribbean Literature in Translation 
BLST237 The Contemporary Legacy of Slavery in the U.S. 
BLST241 The Urbanization of Contemporary Africa 
BLST242 The Urbanization of Contemporary American America 
BLST261 Folklore: The African in American 
BLST262 Black American Culture 
BLST285 Environmental Justice in North America 
BLST286 Africa and the Columbian Exchange 
BLST323 Mass Media, the Internet, and Black Communities 
BLST325 Historiography in Black Studes 
BLST331 The Civil Rights Movement in America 
BLST342 Third-World Consciousness in Africa 
BLST343 The Contemporary Black Experience in South Africa 
BLST345 Black Revolutionary Thought 
BLST348* Heritage, Culture and Memory 
BLST349* Race, Housing and Community 
BLST353 Boys to Men: From Black Macho to Black Male Feminist 
BLST354 The Role of Black in the American Economy 
BLST364(WI) Social Movement in the African Diaspora 
ENG298 Special Topics 
ENG357 The Literature of the Harlem Renaissance 
ENG392 African-American Literature 
FA296 African Art 
FA398 Afro-American Art 
HIST274 The American Ethnic Experience 
HIST275 African History until 1800 
HIST279 History of African American Music, Emphasis on Hip Hop 
HIST313 The Civil War 
HIST374 Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade 
HIST375 Decolonization of West Africa 
HIST376 West Africa Since Independence 
MUS250 Afro-American Music in the United States 
MUS253 History of Jazz 
SOC366 Sociology of Modernization and Development 
WLIT210 North African Literature 


Foundations Sequence 19 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
EDCU268 Teaching the Linguisticaly Diverse Student and Mainstream Classes 
EDCU280 Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers 
PSYC215 Human Development I: Infancy/Childhood 
EDUC283 Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms 
MATH271 Topics in Foundational Mathematics 
PHIL202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
Professional Education Sequence 15 
EDUC390 Elementary Curriculum & Methods I: Learning Goals and Assessments Across Curriculum 
EDUC392 Elementary Curriculum & Methods II: Instruction and Classroom Management Across Curriculum 
EDUC323 Curriculum and Methods in Elementary Education: Mathematics 
EDUC369WI Early Language & Literacy for English Only and English Language Learners (EO's & ELLs) 
EDUC370 Content Area Literacy 2 - 6 EO and ELL 
Student Teaching and Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC431 Supervised Student Teaching, Grades 1 - 3 
EDUC432 Supervised Student Teaching, Grades 4 - 6 

* Course is cross listed with an Anthropology course of the same number.

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