Physical Education PreK-12 (BS)

Health and Physical Education
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Course Descriptions
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York College Physical Education PreK-12 Mission Statement

The York College Physical Education PreK-12 Program enables Physical Education Teacher Candidates (PETCs) to utilize content knowledge, content pedagogy, physical skills, and professional dispositions to develop learning environments that support psychomotor, cognitive, and affective learning domains, and include state and national physical education standards. Professional preparation for PETCs is guided by lesson and unit planning and implementation for the classroom/athletic setting that incorporate student diversity, technology, assessment, class management, and reflective practices. Through clinical experiences in New York City schools, PETCs develop competencies that positively impact student learning in the NYC Public Schools (PreK-12)

NASPE Major Standard/ Competency

Standard I:

Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge:

PETCs know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically active individuals.

Standard II:

Skill and Fitness-based Competence:

PETCs are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness as delineated in the NASPE K-12 Standards.

Standard III:

Planning and Implementation:

PETCs plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning. experiences aligned with local, state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

Standard IV:

Instructional Delivery and Management:

PETCs use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

Standard V:

Impact On Student Learning:

PETCs utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.

Standard VI


PETCs demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professional.

Students planning to seek New York State teaching certification in Physical Education PreK-12 are required to file an application for admission form in the Teacher Education Program during their sophomore year. The Physical Education Program, prepares candidates with the knowledge and understanding, competencies, and professionalism required for teaching physical education to children and adolescents in grades PreK-12. Candidates completing the Program are eligible to apply for New York State initial certification in Physical Education, Grades PreK-12.

The Instructional Program

The instructional program of Physical Education skills courses is designed to encourage the participation of the individual in regular physical activity throughout his or her life. Physical activity is viewed as an essential part of the life of the liberally educated person. Physiological and psycho-social benefits accrue to the participant. Courses emphasize individualized skill development in a broad range of lifetime sport activities that are fun and educational.

All Physical Education courses are coeducational.


Physical Education PreK-12 BS


Physical Education Content Knowledge Courses

Group I* (Courses listed in Group I must be completed before taking courses from Group II)  
HE210 Health Issues for the Physical Educator 
HE314 Nutrition and Health 
PE150 Fitness for Living 
PE152 Instructional Methodologies of Teaching Sprots Skills 
PE215 Basics of Motor Development and Motor Learning 
PE350 Principles and Foundations of Physical Education 
Group II  
PE353 Physical Activity for Special Populations 
PE358 Physiology of Exercise 
PE361 Sport Psychology and Coaching 
PE362 Kinesiology 
PE363 Measurement and Evaluation in Health and Physical Education 
PE452 Cardiovascular Fitness 

Physical Education Skills courses

Team Sports: Choose 4 Credits from the following
PE151 Basketball 
PE158 Football 
PE162 Lacrosse 
PE163 Softball 
PE164 Soccer 
PE165 Volleyball 

Dance: Choose 1 Credit from the following

PE173 Folk and Social Dance 
PE176 Modern Dance I 
PE183 African Dance 
PE278 Modern Dance II 

Individual Sports: Choose 4 Credits from the following

PE141 Weight Training 
PE154 Track and Field 
PE156 Gymnastics I 
PE157 Gymnastics II 
PE159 Self-Defense Activities 
PE166 Yoga 
PE167 Handball 
PE171 Tennis 
PE174 Golf 
PE181 Badminton 
PE271 Competitive Tennis 

Outdoor Sports: Choose 1 Credit from the following

PE170 Canoeing 
PE177 Small Boat Sailing 
PE178 Outdoor Living: Hiking and Backpacking 
PE179 Skiing 
PE279 Leadership in Outdoor Living 
PE280 Winter Mountaineering 

Aquatics: Choose 1 Credit from the Following

PE182 Swimming for Non-Swimmers 
PE282 Swimming 
PE284 Skin and Scuba Diving 
PE285 Senior Life Saving 
PE287 Water Safety Instructor 

Education Certification requirements

Foundation Courses 32 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
EDUC280 Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers 
EDUC283 Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms 
MATH271 Topics in Foundational Mathematics# 
Choose One  
SOC202 Evolution of Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
PHIL202 Evolution of Major Ideas and Issues in Education 

Methods Courses

EDUC340 Literacy Instruction inside Middle and Secondary Schools for English Only (EO) and English Language Learners (ELLs) 
EDUC341 Elementary & Secondary Curriculum and Methods II: Instruction and Classroom Environments in Physical Education PreK-12 
EDUC395 Curriculum and Methods in Subject Specific (K-12) Educations I: Learning Goals and Assessments 

Student Teaching

EDUC448 Supervised Teaching, Physical Education, Grades preK-6 
EDUC449 Supervised Teaching, Physical Education, Grades 7-12 

** Courses listed in Group I must be completed before taking courses from Group II.

Majors must complete 2 Mathematics courses, MATH 111 and a second Mathematics course selected from MATH 271 or among the Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning courses.

Proof of a valid First Aid/CPR certification should be presented to the department at least three months prior to graduation.

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