Health Promotion Management (BS)

Health and Physical Education
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Course Descriptions
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The Health Promotion Management program is designed to prepare the student to be a specialist skilled in planning and implementing programs that enhance health awareness. This multidisciplinary program facilitates the involvement of individuals, communities, and community-based organizations to promote well-being, improved health status and positive health behaviors.

The Health Promotion Management program's goal -to prepare health education specialists- is implemented through the program's curriculum and internship experiences which evidence the standards of the American Association of Health Education (AAHE) and National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC). These standards and competencies address content, assessment needs, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs, educational strategies, being a resource person, and communication andadvocacy. Students graduating in thismajor are also prepared to take courses in Economics and Management, which prepares them to work in corporations and fitness centers.

Effective Fall 2014  

Health Promotion Management BS


Major Discipline Requirements

Required Major Discipline Courses 36 
HE201 Foundations of Health and Wellness 
HE211 Stress and Health 
HE219 Health Services 
HE223 Health Behavior 
HE224 Laboratory in Health Behavior 
HE314 Nutrition and Health 
HE321 Health Counseling 
HE331 Program Planning 
HE342 Drug Use and Abuse 
PE358 Physiology of Exercise 
HE363 Measurement and Evaluation in Health and Physical Education 
HE452 Cardiovascular Fitness 
HE481 Organization and Administration of Health Education 
HE488 Health Promotion in the Workplace 

Business Required Courses

BUS301 Management Theory and Practice 
MKT341 Introduction to Marketing 

Field Work

HE471 Field Work in Health Education 
HE472 Field Work in Health Education 
HE473 Field Work in Health Education 
HE474 Field Work in Health Education 

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