Health Education PreK-12 (BS)

Health and Physical Education
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Course Descriptions
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Mission Statement

The York College Health Education PreK-12 Program enables Health Education Teacher Candidates (HETCs) to utilize content knowledge, content pedagogy, health enhancing skills, and professional dispositions to develop learning environments that support psychomotor, cognitive, and affective learning domains, and includes state and national health education standards. Professional preparation for HETCs is guided by lesson and unit planning that incorporate student diversity, technology, assessment, class management, and reflective practices. Through clinical experiences in New York City schools, HETCs develop competencies that positively impact student learning.

Major Student Learning Program Goals/Standards

Content Knowledge

Candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills of a health literate educator.

Needs Assessment

Candidates assess needs to determine priorities for school health education


Candidates plan effective comprehensive school health education curricula and programs


Candidates implement health education instruction


Candidates assess student learning

Candidates evaluate health education instruction.

Administration and Coordination

Candidates plan and coordinate a school health education program

Being a resource

Candidates serve as a resource person in health education

Communication and Advocacy Candidates communicate and advocate for health and school health education.

Students planning to seek New York State teaching certification in Health Education are required to file an application for admission form in the Department of Teacher Education during their sophomore year.

Students who do not apply during their sophomore year or fail to seek advisement through the Teacher Education Program will not be eligible for certification. Students who wish to pursue the School Health Education major and who wish New York State Provisional Certification, should consult their major advisor for proper programming.

The Health Education major is designed to prepare students to teach health education grades PreK-12. School health educators are skilled in health instruction as well as in curriculum development. In cooperation with the Teacher Education Department, this program leads to teaching certification by New York State.

In addition, students majoring in Health Education are prepared to enter graduate programs in health education and related fields


Health Education PreK-12 BS


Major Discipline Requirements

HE201 Foundations of Health and Wellness 
HE219 Health Services 
HE223 Health Behavior 
HE224 Laboratory in Health Behavior 
HE241 Sex and Sexuality 
HE312 Health and Disease 
HE314 Nutrition and Health 
HE315 Consumer Health 
HE316 Family Health 
HE321 Health Counseling 
HE331 Program Planning 
HE342 Drug Use and Abuse 
HE363 Measurement and Evaluation in Health and Physical Education 
HE481 Organization and Administration of Health Education 
BIO281 Human Structure and Function 
5 Additional HE or PH Credits at the 200 Level or Above.

Teacher Education Requirements:


Education Course Requirements

Foundations Sequence 16 
EDUC230 Teaching with Multimedia Technology 
EDUC280 Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers 
EDUC283 Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classroom 
MATH271 Topics in Foundational Mathematics 
Choose one of the following  
PHIL202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
SOC202 Major Ideas and Issues in Education 
Professional Education Sequence 10 
EDUC340 Literacy Instruction Inside Middle and Secondary Schools for English Only (EO) and English Language Learners (ELL's) 
EDUC395 Curriculum and Methods in Subject Specific (K-12) Educations I: Learning Goals and Assessments 
EDUC397 School Health Curriculum and Methods PreK-12 
Student Teaching and Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC418 Supervised Student Teaching, Health Education, PreK - 6 
EDUC419 Supervised Student Teaching, Health Education, Grades 7-12 

Majors must complete 2 Mathematics courses, MATH 111 and a second Mathematics course selected from MATH 271 or among the Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning courses.

Proof of current First Aid/CPR certification is required.

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