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The ability to successfully market and sell products or services is a foundation for every business, resulting in a high demand for professionals with strong marketing skills. The Marketing Major examines consumer behavior, principles of effective selling and how to help businesses make strategic decisions regarding product development and pricing. At the completion of this program students will be equipped with useful promotion tactics to meet the customer needs and ensure businesses profitability.

Marketing BS


Major Discipline Requirements


Common Body of Knowledge

ACC101 Principles of Accounting I 
ACC102 Principles of Accounting II 
ACC103 Principles of Managerial Accounting 
BUS201 Computer Applications in Business 
BUS283 Business Law I 
BUS301 Management Theory and Practice 
BUS321 Principles of Finance 
BUS348 Production/Operations Management 
BUS430 Ethics, Governance & Accountability 
BUS481 Strategic Management 
MKT341 Introduction to Marketing 

Marketing Required Courses

MKT342 Market Research 
MKT343 Advertising and Public Relations 
MKT346 International Marketing 
MKT347 Consumer Behavior 
MKT483 Marketing Management 

Marketing Electives

Choose 7 courses from the following. 21 
BUS349 Small Business Management 
MKT344 Retail Management 
MKT350 Industrial Marketing 
MKT351 Entrepreneurship Basics 
MKT352 Direct Marketing 
PSY251 Organizational Behavioral 
PSY255 Psychology of Advertising & Marketing Comm 
ECON350 Industrial Organization 
ECON310 Public Finance 
BUS240 Foundations of Supply Chain Management 
BUS367 Logistics Management 
ECON420 Advanced Statistics 
ECON340 International Economics 

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