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The Art History major is designed for the student seeking to explore the art of past civilizations as well as contemporary art forms. Through a diversified program of professional quality, the student becomes familiar with problems concerning the evolution of style, the function of art in a society, and the way in which art is influenced by contemporary events. After completing the prerequisite for all advanced art history courses, Fine Arts 104, Introduction to Fine Arts, the student may select from a variety of course offerings. The Art History major is flexible and aims to satisfy whatever plans the student has for graduate or professional work.

Effective Fall 2014  

Art History BA


Major Discipline Requirements


1. Introductiory Course: Choose one of the following

FA105 Introduction to Fine Arts: Caves to Cathedrals 
FA106 Introduction to Fine Arts: Cathedrals to Contemporary 

2. Upper Level Art History Courses


Students take courses from the following 3 areas

I. Content Area I : Western Art to the 18th Century (6 credits)
FA290 Ancient Art 
FA291 Art of Medieval Europe 
FA292 Early Renaissance Art 
FA294 Northern Renaissance Art 
FA390 High Renaissance and Late 16th century art 
FA391 Baroque and Rococo Art 
II. Content Area II : 19th Century - Contempory (9 Credits)
FA278 Art and Sound of Video Games 
FA297 History of Still Photography 
FA298 Twentieth-Century Trends in Photography 
FA303 Film History: Style & Imagination I 
FA304 Film History: Style & Imagination II 
FA325 Women Artists 
FA392 Nineteenth-Century Art 
FA393 American Art to 1913 
FA394 Twentieth-Century Art in the United States 
FA396 Twentieth Century Art 
FA397 Contemporary Art 
FA398 Afro-American Art 
III. Content Area III : Non-Western Art (6 Credits)
FA296 African Art 
FA287 Islamic Art and Architecture 
FA288 Art of Asia and the Pacific 
FA289 Caribbean Art 
FA395 Latin-American Art 

3. Research in Art History

FA499 Research in Art History 

4. Studio Art Courses: 9 Credits in Fine Arts courses designated

FA 150, 151, 152, 155, 253, 254, 258, 264, 265, 273, 274, 283,284, 355, 358, 364, 365, 373, 374, 381, 382, 383, 384, 463, 464, 473, 474, 481, 482  

5. Major Electives: 6 credits

Students may take six credits of elective courses (200-400 level) in one or more of the following departments/disciplines: Fine Arts; History and Philosophy; English; Black Studies; Speech; Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities; or Music.  

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