Information Systems Management (BS)

Business and Information Systems
Business and Economics
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The Department of Business and Economics, jointly with the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, sponsors a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management (Computer Science). This program combines courses in computer studies, accounting, business, economics and management. It is designed to train students for careers as software developers, systems analysts, network engineers and administrators, and information scientists. Students will complete courses in three categories. The first consists of courses required of all majors. The second consists of 2 eight-credit tracks, one of which must be completed. The first track is Data Communication and is intended for students interested in networks, data transfer and communication. The second track, Business Technology, is intended for students interested in programming and maintaining software applications. To fulfill the third category, a major will choose three electives.

Information Systems Mangement BS


Major Discipline Requirements

Required Courses 39-40 
ACC101 Accounting I 
ACC102 Accounting II 
BUS301 Management Theory and Practice 
BUS402 Management Information Systems 
CS172 Computer Science I 
CS291 Computer Science II 
CS292 Introduction to Database Management 
CS397 Assembly Language Programming 
ECON102 Introduction to Microeconomics 
ECON220 Introduction to Economics Statistics 
choose one of the following  
MATH141 Discrete Mathematics 
MATH225 Discrete Mathematical Structures 
Choose one of the following Tracks

Data Communications

CS261 Data Communication I 
CS361 Data Communication II 

Business Technology

CS371 Business Programming 
CS391 Object-Oriented Programming 

Choose any three courses from the following

COOP111 Work Experience and Seminar I 
Computer Science 3-4 
any computer science courses numbered 200 or above   
MATH121 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 
MATH184 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 
MATH122 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
MATH210 Probability and Statistics I 
MATH241 Combinatorial and Discrete Geometry 
MATH333 Linear Algebra 


BUS283 Business Law I 
BUS321 Business Finance 
BUS348 Production and Operations Management 
BUS481 Business Policy 

* Majors in this program must take Economics 103 and either Math 115 or Math 121 or Math 184. These courses satisfy General Education Requirements.

** This course is required for students without substantial work experience. All exemptions must be approved by the ISM/CS Coordinator.

*** Students interested in graduate study in Computer Science are strongly advised to take Mathematics 121 or 184, Mathematics 122 and Mathematics 210 or minor in Mathematics.

**** Students interested in graduate study in Business are strongly advised to take Mathematics 121 or 184, Business 283, Business 321, and Business 481.

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