Computer Science (Minor)

Arts and Sciences
General Education Requirements
HEGIS Number: 0701

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Course Descriptions
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Computers and Computer Science have become a very important part of our society and culture. The CS Minor helps students to build an understanding of the field and provides preparation for graduate study and the job market. Due to the importance of computers in the sciences, this program may be most beneficial to students in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Economics.

Required Courses

CS291 Computer Science II* 
CS397 Assembly Language Programming 
Choose 2 courses from the following
CS261 Data Communications I 
CS292 Introduction to Database Management 
CS341 Algorithms & Data Structures 
CS391 Object-Oriented Programming 
CS451 Operating Systems 

* CS 172 is a prerequisite and MATH 141, MATH 225 are pre/corequisites for CS 291.

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