Cultural Diversity (Special Program)

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Course Descriptions
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York College's Program in Cultural Diversity consists of a two-course sequence which is part of the General Education Requirement. The courses are interdisciplinary and their goals are to enable students to:

  1. understand how their own cultures shape and influence their values, attitudes and behaviors,

  2. gain an appreciation of the contributions of their own and other cultural groups to our global civilization, and

  3. develop analytical skills and attitudes that will enable them to understand and to deal constructively with problems that arise from cultural diversity in the community and workplace.

Understanding Cultural Diversity (Cultural Diversity 101) is required of all students. In addition, students must take one of the following: Cultures and Societies of the World courses: Cultural Diversity 201, 202, 203, or 210.

CLDV101 Understanding Cultural Diversity 
CLDV201 Cultures and Societies of the World: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean 
CLDV202 Cultures and Societies of the World: The Far East and South East Asia 
CLDV203 Cultures and Societies of the World: Asia and the Middle East 
CLDV210 Western Civilization 

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