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Course Descriptions
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The minor in World Literature will enable students to deepen their understanding of the literary contributions of people through time and in diverse areas of the world.

Course Requirements


Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory

choose one of the following
ENG311 Literary Studies 
SPAN200 Introduction to Literary Analysis 

Regional Literatures

(Choose two, from different disciplines)
AAS220 West African Literature in English 
AAS221 East and Southern African Literature 
FREN334 Literature of the French Speaking West Indies 
FREN335 Literature of French Speaking Africa 
SPAN301 The Literature of the Spanish Speaking Caribbean up to Modernismo 
SPAN302 The Literature of the Spanish Speaking Caribbean after Modernismo 
SPAN307 Contemporary Latin American Literature 
WLIT201 Literature of the Western World Through the Renaissance 
WLIT205 Introduction to Francophone Literature 
WLIT206 Introduction to the Literature of the Caribbean 
WLIT207 Introduction to Latin American Literature 

National Literatures

(Choose one)
ENG328 Medieval and Renaissance Literature 
ENG345 Twentieth Century British Literature 
ENG350 American Voices and Visions I 
FREN206 Introduction to Haitian Literature 
SPAN221 Spanish Literature to 1700 
SPAN222 Spanish Literature from 1700 
WLIT210 French Masterpieces in Translation 
WLIT211 Italian Theatre in Translation 
WLIT212 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in Translation   

The Literature of Women and Ethnic Minorities

(Choose one)
ENG392 African-American Literature 
ENG395 Women Writers 
FREN226 French and Francophone Women's Writing 
SPAN300 Women Writers from Latin America 
SPAN320 Women Writers from Spain 
WLIT225 Introduction to Latino Literature in the U.S. 
WLIT226 Contemporary Women Writers in World Literature 

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