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Course Descriptions
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The Spanish Discipline offers a two-track sequence of three courses at the intermediate level, one for native speakers of Spanish and one for non-native speakers of Spanish. The goal of this sequence (Spanish 103 and 104 for bilingual students; and 105) is to provide students with the instruction and practice they require in order to be successful in Spanish 106 and the advanced courses, where native speakers and non-native speakers will study together. Placement in the appropriate course level and track will be determined by the Discipline through its placement procedures.

The Spanish major has been designed to reflect recent literary scholarship. Our program prepares students for graduate school as well and for various careers. Students may prepare for careers in Childhood Education 1-6 with Bilingual Extension; and Adolescence Education 7-12. Spanish majors can also design a program that will allow them to pursue careers in public service and business.

Students exempted (0 credits) from taking foreign language requirements are recommended to take Spanish electives (200 level or above, minor or Liberal Arts electives)

Spanish BA


Major Discipline Requirements


Foundation Courses

SPAN200 Introduction to Literary Theory and Analysis 
SPAN208 Advanced Grammar 
SPAN209 Composition and Style 
SPAN210 Spanish Linguistics 
SPAN351 Cervantes 
SPAN413 Hispanic Civilization 
Choose one of the following  
SPAN201 Hispanic-American Literature from its Origin Through Modernismo 
SPAN202 Hispanic-American Literature after Modernismo 
Choose one of the following  
SPAN221 Spanish Literature to 1700 
SPAN222 Spanish Literature 1700-Present 

Elective Courses

Select any 12 credits in the SPAN 200 Level or above. 6 Credits MUST be at the 300 or 400 level. *   

* Bilingual Ed students must include SPAN 308 as one of their electives

Departmental Honors

Students with a 3.0 average in Spanish courses in the major may qualify for departmental honors by completing 6 additional credits on the 400 level and completing a substantial individual research project in a designated seminar.

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