Italian Studies (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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The Italian Studies minor is designed to provide students with a better understanding of Italian language and culture. The minor is directed at those students who wish to combine Italian cultural studies with their professional goals.

Effective Fall 2014  

Minor Discipline Requirements



Choose one course from the following
ITAL105 Intermediate Italian I 
ITAL201 Guided Study in Italian Language 

Literature, Culture, and Civilization

Choose 2 courses from the following list:
HUM221 Picture of Italy 
HUM240 Food is culture: The Success of 'Made in Italy' 
HUM245 Fashion, Italian Style 
HUM250 The Italian Experience in the United States 
HUM350 Italian Culture and Civilization 
ITAL356 A Major Italian Author in Translation 
WLIT211 Italian Theater in Translation 
WLIT230 Divine Comedy in Translation 

Cultural Studies

Choose two courses from the following list:
CLDV210 Western Civilization 
FA290 Ancient Art 
FA291 Art of Medieval 
FA292 Early Renaissance Art 
FA390 High Renaissance/Late 16th Century Art 
FA391 Baroque & Roccoco Art 
HIST210 Renaissance, Reformation and the Early Modern European State 
HIST333 Nineteenth-Century Europe 
HIST334 Twentieth-Century Europe 
HUM260 The World of Opera: A Concise History 
ITAL400 Individual Study 
MUS350 Middle Ages to Baroque Era 
PHIL212 Midieval Philosophy 
POL268 Political Theory II Machiavelli to Marx 
WLIT201 The Literature of the Western World through the Renaissance 

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