French and Francophone Studies (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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The French/Francophone minor is designed to provide students with a better understanding of French and Creole languages and Francophone culture. This minor is directed at those students who wish to further develop their language proficiency and can be structured to complement the individual's personal and professional goals.

French and Francophone Studies Minor


Required: Select one from the Following

FREN210 Literary Theory 
FREN217 Advanced Grammar and Composition 
FREN218 Stylistics 
FREN231 Survey of French Literature I 
FREN232 Survey of French Literature II 
FREN235 French Linguistics 

Select Four (4) Additional French or Creole courses on the 106 level or above, including HUM 253, WLIT 205, WLIT 206 and WLIT 210


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