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Course Descriptions
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Geology is a dynamic discipline, intimately related to the proper management of earth resources and the human environment. The program prepares the student to function upon graduation as a professional geologist, or to continue his studies on the graduate level. In addition, geology majors may prepare for careers as high-school science teachers. Knowledge of the earth has assumed critical importance because of the imminent depletion of many natural resources and the rapid deterioration of the physical environment. Shortages in fossil fuels, metals and industrial minerals have opened excellent job opportunities for graduates with a Geology degree. In addition, Federal and State environment regulations are requiring more geological information than ever before. Oil and mining companies, consulting firms, federal, state and city agencies are employing our graduates at present. The objectives of the geology curriculum are to provide the student with a scientific understanding of earth materials, their properties, arrangement and distribution, as well as the dynamic processes that affect them; the historical dimension of the earth and its inhabitants and the evolutionary processes that shaped them; the geologist's role in the proper planning for use of earth resources and the maintenance of the quality of the environment.

Geology BS


Major Discipline Requirements

Required Foundation Courses34.5 
GEOL140*Our Earth 
CHEM102Chemical Principles II 
GEOL211Structural Geology 
GEOL217Earth History with Paleontology 
GEOL332Optical Mineralogy 
GEOL323Field Methods 1.5 
GEOL425Field Mapping 

Geology Electives

Choose 8 credits from the following electives: 
GEOL282Weather and Climate 
GEOL340Remote Sensing and Air Photo Interpretation 
GEOL341Ground Water Hydrology 
GEOL342Rock and Soil Mechanics 
GEOL343Ore Deposits and Ore Evaluation 
GEOL344Industrial Minerals and Fossil Fuels 
GEOL346Laboratory Techniques in Geology 
GEOL349Assessment of Environment Impact 
HPEH140Environmental Management (Basic) 
HPEH340Pollution Control Technology 
HPEH420Water Quality Analysis & Management 
HPEH426Solid Waste Management 
HPEH429Environmental Management (Advanced) 
Choose eight to ten credits consisting of two of the following lecture groups:8 - 10 

Group A:
BIO201Biological Principles I 
BIO202Biological Principles II 

Group B:

PHYS151University Physics I* 
PHYS152University Physics II* 
Choose at least four credits from the following courses:
MATH111Introduction to Statistics and Probability 
MATH122Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
MATH172Introduction to Computing 
MATH121Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 

All Geology majors must take Chemistry 101 to fulfill the General Education Requirement.

* Geology majors may elect to take Physics 101 and Physics 102, if offered, in place of Physics 151 and Physics 152. Geology 110 and 207 may be substituted for Geology 140. Geology 213 and 305 may be substituted for Geology 217.

** The Mathematics course (Mathematics 111 or 121 or 184) taken to fulfill the General Education Requirement cannot fulfill the Section IV requirement for this major.

+ Mathematics 184 may be substituted for Mathematics 121.

B.S. with Honors in Geology

Eligibility: A 300-level Geology course and a 3.0 average in all Geology courses. Approval by the Faculty of the Geology Discipline.

Requirements for Graduation with Honors:

  1. Successful completion of the Geology Major Discipline requirements and a 3.0 average in all Geology courses.
  2. Successful completion of 6 credits of 400-level courses in the Geology Discipline consisting of independent research under the supervision of a faculty member and successful presentation of a thesis to the faculty members of the Geology Discipline.
  3. Certification by the Faculty of the Geology Discipline.