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Course Descriptions
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Chemistry is central to the study of many biological and physical systems. Students majoring in biology or physics (as well as pre-medical and pre-dental students) are more competitive if they complete a minor in chemistry. Chemistry 101 and 102, and Physics 151, are prerequisites for the minor program courses. Students interested in this minor will have to take these courses. The physics major requires Mathematics 122; the biology major requires Chemistry 231, 232, and 233. Majors in cell or molecular biology are required to also take Biology 412, which is identical with Chemistry 412. For students in these three cases, the chemistry minor requires only 16, 12, or 15 credits more, respectively.

Students may not use Biology 412 or Chemistry 412 to satisfy both the requirement for the biology major and the elective requirement for the chemistry minor.

Required Courses

CHEM231 Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM232 Techniques of Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM233 Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM234 Techniques of Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM321 Physical Chemistry I 
CHEM322 Physical Chemistry II 
MATH122 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
One course from the following:  
CHEM310 Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM321 Physical Chemistry I 
CHEM322 Physical Chemistry II 
CHEM330 Structure and Mechanism in Biochemistry 
CHEM341 Instrumental Analysis I 
CHEM342 Instrumental Analysis II 
CHEM412 Biochemistry 
CHEM450 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 

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