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The Biotechnology Program is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide academic, laboratory and research experiences to students with career interests in the biomedical sciences. The program serves as preparation for the pursuit of graduate degrees in biotechnology, molecular genetics, molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry and other related fields. It provides a strong academic program for students interested in further studies leading to careers in the medical professions. Graduates with the bachelor's degree may also seek jobs on the technician level in areas such as pharmaceutical, hospital and academic research laboratories. The Biotechnology major incorporates general courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with upper level instruction in Biochemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology. The course of study emphasizes the structure, function and relationships of DNA, RNA and proteins in the regulation of gene expression. Methods used in teaching and research laboratories incorporate instruction and training on modern equipment employed in Biotechnology for processes such as gene cloning, DNA sequencing and RNA processing, with application to the improved analysis, diagnosis and treatment of inherited and acquired human diseases. Students interested in graduate studies are strongly advised to take Biology 320, Biology 415, Chemistry 234, 321, 322 and Mathematics 122 and 221. Biotechnology majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a research activity (e.g. independent study / research or co-op).

EFFECTIVE FALL 2014 69.5 - 71.5 

Biotechnology BS


Major Discipline Requirements

I. Required foundation courses 40 
BIO201* Biological Principles I 
BIO202* Biological Principles II 
CHEM108* Principles of Chemistry I  3.5 
CHEM109* Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory  1.5 
CHEM111 Principles of Chemistry II  3.5 
CHEM112 Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory  1.5 
CHEM231 Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM232 Techniques in Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM233 Organic Chemistry II 
MATH121* Analytic Geometry Calculus I 
PHYS113 Physics Laboratory I 
PHYS114 Physics Laboratory II 
PHYS115 College Physics I 
PHYS116 College Physics II 

II. Biotechnology Requirements

BIO301 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
BIO412 Biochemistry 
CHEM412 Biochemistry 
BTEC302 Theory and Methods in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals 
BTEC352 Bioinformatics 
BTEC480** Theory and Experimentation in Biotechnology*** 
BTEC489** Special Topics in Biotechnology*** 

III. Biotechnology Options

Choose 7.5- 9.5 Credits chosen from the following 7.5-9.5 
BIO307 Biostatistics 
BIO320 Cell Biology  4.5 
BIO415 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
BIO444 Genetics  4.5 
BIO452 Developmental Biology  4.5 
BIO465 Microbiology  4.5 
BIO466 Immunology  4.5 
BTEC350 Computational Biology and Molecular Design  3.0 

*These courses will satisfy both Pathways and Major requirements. ** Biotechnology 480 and Biotechnology 489 are the upper division WI courses in the Biotechnology major. # Students interested in graduate studies are strongly advised to take Biology 320, Chemistry 234, 321, 322 and Mathematics 122 and 221. + A research experience is strongly recommended.

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