Biology (Minor)

Arts and Sciences

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Course Descriptions
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Minor Program in Biology

16 - 19.5 

Required Courses

BIO202 Principles of Biology 
BIO301 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
BIO486-489 Biology Special Topics 

Organismic and Environmental Biology

One course from the following
3 - 4.5 
BIO231 Biology of Plants  4.5 
BIO308 Invertebrate Biology  4.5 
BIO309 Biology of the Chordates  4.5 
BIO325 Histology  4.5 
BIO334 Comparative Animal Physiology  4.5 
BIO403 Ecology  4.5 
BIO410 Neurobiology  3.0 
BIO477 Evolution 
Cell and Molecular Biology 3 - 5 
One course from the following   
BIO320 Cell Biology  4.5 
BTEC352 Bioinformatics 
BIO412 Biochemistry 
CHEM412 Biochemistry 
BIO452 Developmental Biology  4.5 
BIO465 Microbiology  4.5 
BIO466 Immunology  4.5 
BIO480 Theory and Experimentation in Biotechnology 

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