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Course Descriptions
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For students in other majors who desire a background in government and politics the program offers four minors in political science. Interested students are urged to consult with political science faculty to determine an appropriate minor.

Political Science


Required Courses

POL103 Politics and Government in the United States * 
POL202 Comparative Politics 

Choose one

POL241 Basic Factors in International Politics 
POL285 Urban Government in the United States 

Choose one

POL267 Classical Political Theory I: Plato to Machiavelli 
POL268 Political Theory II: Machiavelli to Marx 
POL269 American Political Thought 

Choose one

POL340 American Capitalism: Political and Social Aspects 
POL367 Contemporary Political Theory 

* This course may be used to fill the General Education Requirement or the minor requirement.

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