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Political Science Program Mission Statement

The Political Science program is aligned with the mission of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and York College in the following ways. We strive to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for careers, as well as graduate and professional studies, and to contribute as active citizens in our ever-changing interdependent world. Our students will develop critical reading, writing and thinking skills to evaluate the structure and operation of politics and power, including their own and other political systems. The Political Science program encourages community service and social responsibility both through our course work and community-based internships. Students have an opportunity to do independent research to gain research experience and mentorship from individual faculty members. We offer a flexible program that serves the interests of our diverse and multicultural college community. The program will provide the foundation for students to become informed, active, socially responsible, and ethical citizens, professionals, and leaders.

Political Science Major Program Goals

Upon completion of the program in Political Science, students will meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate their own and other political systems.
  • Understand where political power is, how it operates, whose interests it serves; who gets what, when, where, and how.
  • Demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of the interplay among social classes, values, political power and conflict, processes of decision making and the state; and the factors that affect social justice and political adjustments to changing conditions globally as well as nationally.
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking to their research and writing, oral communication competency, qualitative and quantitative skills, and computer literacy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and analytical skills necessary to evaluate political issues and to function effectively in a political environment.
  • Gain practical and applied knowledge through participation in an internship.
  • Be prepared for careers in local, state, national government, civil or foreign service, education, international affairs, political parties, interest groups, nongovernmental organizations, nonprofit and research organizations, as well as for law school and graduate study.

Political Science BA


Required Courses

POL214 Racial and Ethnic Politics 
POL285 Urban Government in the United States 
One course chosen from the following
POL202 Comparative Politics* 
POL241 Basic Factors in International Politics** 
One course chosen from the following:
POL267 Classical Political Theory I: Plato to Machiavelli 
POL268 Political Theory II: Machiavelli to Marx 
POL269 American Political Thought 

Area Studies

One course chosen from the following:
POL226 The U.S. Supreme Court 
POL327 Congress and the Presidency 
Once course chosen from the following:
POL250 Latin American Politics 
POL253 Caribbean Politics 
POL256 African Politics 
POL257 Asian Politics 
POL258 Middle East Politics 
One course chosen from the following
POL393 Seminar-Internship in New York City Government and Community Development 
POL394 Seminar-Internship in New York City Government and Community Development 

Elective Political Science courses,

The Elective Political Science courses must include at least one 300 or 400 level course.

Note: Electives must include a 300 or 400 level course, and should be chosen in consultation with a Political Science advisor.

Forstudents pursuing careers in law, civil service, management, teaching etc., POL 228, 230, 275 are highly recommended.

Students hoping to pursue doctoral studies in political science are urged to take: Politics 220 (or Sociology 220), Politics 453, and Politics 340 or 367

* Political Science majors must choose POL 103 to satisfy the General Education requirement.

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