Course   Title 
PSY102 Introductory Psychology
PSY200 Intermediate Seminar
PSY214 Lifespan Development for Health Professions
PSY215 Human Development I: Infancy/Childhood
PSY216 Human Development II: Adolescence/Maturity
PSY217 Psychology for Parents
PSY219 Psychology of Terrorism
PSY225 Psychology of Learning Disabilities
PSY236 The Psychology of Women
PSY250 Practicum in Interviewing
PSY251 Organizational Behavior
PSY252 Leadership, Motivation and Power
PSY253 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY254 Conflict Resolution and Management
PSY255 Psychology of Advertising and Marketing Communications
PSY265 Introduction to Communication Disorders
PSY280 Psychology of Geriatrics
PSY282 Psychology of Vocational Rehabilitation
PSY283 The Psychology of Death and Dying
PSY289 Psychology of Addiction
PSY290 Field Work
PSY291 Field Work
PSY292 Field Work
PSY293 Field Work
PSY294 Field Work
PSY295 Field Work
PSY300 Interpersonal Skills for Community Service
PSY301 Practicum in Community Service
PSY302 Practicum in Community Service
PSY303 Practicum in Community Service
PSY311 Psychology of the Religious Experience
PSY313 Sensation & Perception
PSY319 Human Cognitive Laboratory
PSY321 Psychology of Learning Laboratory
PSY326 Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSY327 Advanced Statistical Methods
PSY328 Human Factors Psychology
PSY330 Foundations of Research Methods in Psychology
PSY332 Social Psychology
PSY333 Black Psychology
PSY334 Personality
PSY335 Exceptional Child
PSY337 Child Abuse and Neglect
PSY338 Abnormal Psychology
PSY340 Clinical Health Psychology
PSY342 Practicum in Group Dynamics
PSY345 Psychology of Food
PSY352 Psychological Assessment
PSY353 Approaches to Psychotherapy
PSY362 Physiological Psychology
PSY370 Psychology of Consciousness
PSY381 Psychological Consequences of Chronic Disability
PSY383 Behavior Modification
PSY385 Practicum in Behavior Modification
PSY387 Biofeedback
PSY390 Community Psychology
PSY401 History of Psychology
PSY430 Experimental Methods
PSY454 Seminar in Organizational Psychology
PSY480 Advanced Seminar in Psychology
PSY481 Advanced Seminar in Psychology
PSY482 Advanced Seminar in Psychology
PSY490 Independent Study and Experimental Research
PSY491 Independent Study and Experimental Research
PSY492 Independent Study and Experimental Research
PSY493 Independent Study and Experimental Research
PSY494 Independent Study and Experimental Research
PSY495 Independent Study and Experimental Research

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