Assessment of Health Needs in a Global, Underserved Community

NURS450 (Not Liberal Arts) Assessment of Health Needs in a Global, Underserved Community 3 hrs. 3 crs. This elective, independent study course provides with a service learning experience as well as an opportunity to assess the health needs of a global health community. One of the YC nursing program outcomes focuses on advocating for health policies that address local and global health issues. This elective course will offer a unique experience for students to interact with community members and identify their unique health needs. The course is three credits (lecture and clinical). There will be an eight hour orientation the week before where students will discuss nursing content related to the specific community to be visited as well as appropriate nursing skills. There will also be a one-hour morning pre-conference and afternoon one-hour post conference lecture/ seminars each day in country for a total of 28 lecture hours. Additionally there will be a 4.2 hour supervised clinical experience each day. Preq: Department Permission Coreq: Department Permission

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