Course   Title 
HUM101 American Tradition of Social Change
HUM200 Introduction to Intedrcultural Communication
HUM202 Introduction to Linguistics
HUM203 Tradition and Innovation in the Twentieth Century
HUM204 Ibsen and Strindberg
HUM205 Gateway to the Modern Age
HUM206 Judaism I Aspects and Trends from the Beginning to the Middle Ages
HUM207 Judaism II Modern and Contemporary
HUM209 Gender and Language
HUM219 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
HUM221 Pictures of Italy: A Journey into Modern and Contemporary Italy through Film
HUM224 Cinematic Adaptation
HUM225 The Jewish People in the Greco-Roman World: 333 B.C. to 476 A.D.
HUM230 Fairness Equity
HUM235 The Digital Revolution
HUM240 Food is Culture: The Success of 'Made in Italy'
HUM245 Fashion, Italian Style
HUM250 The Italian Experience in the United States
HUM251 Asian American Experience
HUM252 The Jewish Experience in the United States
HUM253 The Haitian Experience in the USA
HUM257 The French: People, Language, and Culture
HUM260 The World of Opera: A Concise History
HUM272 The Latino Experience in the U.S.
HUM281 Introduction to Eastern Religion
HUM282 Introduction to Western Religion
HUM283 Mahayana Buddhism
HUM284 Studies in Twentieth-Century Christian Thought
HUM290 Special Topics in Humanities
HUM300 The Nature of Human Communication
HUM302 Women's Studies I
HUM303 Women's Studies II
HUM304 Gender Dynamics in the Twentieth Century
HUM305 The Language of Food
HUM310 Prejudice Viewed Existentially
HUM320 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar
HUM350 Italian Culture and Civilization

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