Physician Assistant Studies

 Course  Title 
HSPA301Pharmacology I
HSPA302Pharmacology II
HSPA304Interviewing and Counseling
HSPA305Physician Assistant Profession
HSPA313Clinical Skills
HSPA324Diagnostic Studies
HSPA337Clinical Anatomy
HSPA356Microbiology & Immunology
HSPA401Physical Diagnosis I
HSPA402Physical Diagnosis II
HSPA408Psychosocial Dynamics
HSPA410Internal Medicine I
HSPA412Internal Medicine II
HSPA425Clinical Correlations
HSPA428Primary Care I
HSPA430Primary Care II
HSPA435Emergency Medicine
HSPA450Surgical Clinical Rotation
HSPA451Internal Medicine Clinical Rotation
HSPA452Pediatrics Clinical Rotation
HSPA453Emergency Medicine Rotation
HSPA454Long Term Care Rotation
HSPA455Psychiatry Rotation
HSPA457Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Rotation
HSPA458Family Medicine Clinical Rotation
HSPA459Ambulatory Care Clinical Rotation
HSPA500Introduction to E-Portfolio/Orientation
HSPA502Physical Diagnosis I
HSPA504Clinical Anatomy
HSPA506Applied Medical Sciences
HSPA508Interviewing and Counseling
HSPA510PA Profession
HSPA512Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
HSPA514Biomedical Ethics
HSPA516Public Health
HSPA518Health Policy
HSPA520Pharmacology I
HSPA522Physical Diagnosis II
HSPA528Clinical Medicine I
HSPA530Evidence Based Medicine and Health Informatics
HSPA534Diagnostic Studies
HSPA536Pharmacology II
HSPA540Clinical Correlations Seminar I
HSPA542Clinical Medicine II
HSPA544Primary Care
HSPA546Clinical Medicine III
HSPA548Pharmacology III
HSPA552Clinical Correlations Seminar II
HSPA554Emergency Medicine
HSPA556Clinical Skills
HSPA600PA-Portfolio I
HSPA610PA-Portfolio II
HSPA620PA-Portfolio III
HSPA650Surgery Clinical Rotation
HSPA652Internal Medicine Clinical Rotation
HSPA654Pediatric Clinical Rotation
HSPA656Emergency Medicine Clinical Rotation
HSPA658Long Term Care Clinical Rotation
HSPA660Psychiatry Clinical Rotation
HSPA662Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinical Rotation
HSPA664Ambulatory Care Clinical Rotation
HSPA668Family Practice Clinical Rotation