Observational Astronomy

ASTR301 (Liberal Arts) Observational Astronomy 5 hrs. 4 crs. Nothing is more central to astronomical study than collecting and interpreting the light from the sky. The laboratory and observatory experiences in this class, along with the supporting lecture material, are essential for students minoring in Astronomy or majoring in Space Science. You will get hands-on experience in modern astronomical techniques, and complete semester-long (mostly naked eye) observing projects. You will become familiar with current astronomical science, telescopes, instrumentation and terminology specific to working at various wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition, you will utilize methods for data reduction and statistical analysis.Preq: PHYS 107, PHYS 108, PHYS 101, PHYS 102, PHYS 151, or PHYS 152 and a 100- or 200-level Astronomy or Space Science course or permission of the department. 3 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory.