Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

ANTH351 (Liberal Arts) Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis 4 hrs. 3 crs. This course is designed to provide an overview of qualitative research methods, including direct observation, participant observation, and open-ended interviews - individual and collective. Students will gain understanding of the process, tools, rewards and challenges of observing and describing a range of non-quantifiable social and cultural phenomena. Students will also gain a basic understanding of qualitative data analysis techniques and approaches. Students will study and evaluate specific ethnographic studies and conduct their own ethnographic research project from the perspective of various social and behavioral science disciplines. Preq: Credits in ANTH, BLST OR SOC. Coreq: Credits in ANTH, BLST OR SOC. This course may be offered as a traditional class or a hybrid. Course is cross listed with BLST 351 and SOC 351

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