Course   Title 
ANTH101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH103 Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
ANTH152 Medical Anthropology
ANTH201 Ethnopsychiatry
ANTH205 Anthropology of Sex
ANTH211 Anthropology and City Life
ANTH220 Social Research I
ANTH222 The Archaeology of Early Man
ANTH223 The Rise of Civilization
ANTH234 Applied Anthropology
ANTH235 Economic Anthropology
ANTH241 Ethnology of Africa
ANTH242 Ethnology and Ethnography of Asia
ANTH243 Ethnology and Ethnography of The Caribbean
ANTH244 Ethnology of Latin America
ANTH245 Ethnology and Ethnography of The Mediterranean, Middle East
ANTH246 Ethnology and Ethnography of North American Indians
ANTH247 Ethnology and Ethnography of Oceania
ANTH248 Ethnology and Ethnography of Europe
ANTH249 Anthropology of Puerto Rico
ANTH250 Ethnic America
ANTH270 Introduction to Ethnomusicology
ANTH285 Environmental Justice in North America
ANTH301 Alcoholism and Obesity Cross-Culturally
ANTH302 Anthropology of Aging
ANTH303 Food and Culture
ANTH310 Techniques of Cross-Culture Research
ANTH311 Urban Anthropology
ANTH315 Hunger and Agriculture in Developing Nations
ANTH321 Social Research II
ANTH348 Heritage, Culture, and Memory
ANTH349 Race, Housing, and Community
ANTH350 Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH351 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
ANTH361 Primitive Social Organization
ANTH362 Social Organization of Complex Societies
ANTH363 Political Anthropology
ANTH364 Social Movements in the African Diaspora
ANTH365 Cultural Systems of Population Control
ANTH380 Theory and Method in Anthropology
ANTH393 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH401 Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH402 Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH403 Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH406 Anthropology and Education
ANTH442 Culture and Personality
ANTH451 Ecological Anthropology
ANTH490 Independent Study
ANTH491 Independent Study
ANTH492 Independent Study
ANTH495 Summer Field Experience
ANTH496 Summer Field Experience

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