Faculty Listing From A to Z

TitleFunctional TitleDepartment
Taylor-Haslip, ValerieAssociate ProfessorNursing
Thompson, VirginiaDoctoral LecturerMathematics and Computer Science
Tung, Ling-HsuanAssistant ProfessorPerforming and Fine Arts
Vasquez, EvaAssociate ProfessorForeign Languages, ESL and Humanities
Vendryes, MargaretAssociate ProfessorPerforming and Fine Arts
Villegas, FranciscoAssociate ProfessorBehavioral Sciences
Wang, VivianAssistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Weisblatt, SteveInstructorForeign Languages, ESL and Humanities
Werber, GalilaAssociate ProfessorHealth and Physical Education and Gerontological Studies
White, GeorgeAssociate ProfessorHistory and Philosophy
Williams, ShawnAssociate ProfessorHealth Professions
Wojciechowski, RadoslawAssistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Wolosin, DoraAssistant ProfessorEarth and Physical Sciences
Wright, ReneeAssistant ProfessorNursing
Wu, TsuProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Zhang, DanyangAssociate ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science
Zhang, XiaodanAssociate ProfessorBehavioral Sciences
Zlabinger, ThomasAssistant ProfessorPerforming and Fine Arts