Faculty Listing From A to Z

Title Functional Title Department
Pavletich, Kathleen Professor Health Professions
Perry, Linda Associate Professor Business and Economics
Popp, James Assistant Professor Earth and Physical Sciences
Preiser, Lawrence Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences
Prewitt, Tanya Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education
Pritchard, Freya Professor Math & Computer Science
Profit, Adam Associate Professor Chemistry
Proxam, Joseph Instructor Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities
Ramos, Juana Lecturer Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities
Rampersaud, Edward Doctoral Lecturer Health Professions
Rivera-Valdes, Sonia Professor Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities
Robie, Daniel Assistant Professor Chemistry
Robinson, Heather Associate Professor English
Rodgers, Selena Assistant Professor Social work
Rooney, Theresa Associate Professor English
Rosenthal, Beth Professor Social Sciences
Rowe, Debbie Assistant Professor English
Ruiz, Rosemarie Associate Professor Accounting and Finance
Ruttenberg, Howard Professor History and Philosophy
Saad, Zohra Assistant Professor Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities

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