Faculty Listing From A to Z

Title Functional Title Department
Ghelli, Samuel Assistant Professor Foreign Languages
Gibson, Heather Associate Professor Nursing
Gieseler, Carly Assistant Professor Performing and Fine Arts
Githuku, Nicholas Assistant Professor History and Philosophy
Glickman, Kim Clinical Professor Social Sciences
Gonzalez, Lidia Assistant Professor Math & Computer Science
Graffeo, John Associate Professor Health Professions
Grasso, Linda Professor English
Green, Mavis Associate Professor Business and Economics
Gregory, Michele Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences
Grosskopf, Nicholas Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education
Gutierrez, Franklin Professor Foreign Languages
Hajikano, Maki Associate Professor Performing and Fine Arts
Hall, Jonathan Assistant Professor English
Haller, Cynthia Professor English
Hansen, Ian Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences
Harper, Robin Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences
Henry, Elise Professor Occupational Therapy
Horowitz, Beverly Associate Professor Occupational Therapy
Hsu, Chun-Pin Associate Professor Accounting and Finance

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