Faculty Listing From A to Z

Title Functional Title Department
Aceves, Robert Associate Professor Business and Economics
Acker, Gila Professor Social Sciences
Adams, Cheryl Associate Professor Biology
Agin, Denise Associate Professor Health & Phys Ed/ Gs Studies
Ajuluchukwu, David Associate Professor Health and Physical Education / Gerontological Studies
Alexandre, Margarett Assistant Professor Nursing
Alter, Elizabeth Assistant Professor Biology
Althaus, Paul Professor Business and Economics
Amenyo, John-Thones Assistant Professor Mathematics and Computer Science
Amicucci, Bernadette Associate Professor Nursing
Amrhein, Timothy Associate Professor Performing and Fine Arts
Annansingh-Jamieson, Fenio Assistant Professor Business and Economics
Arsov, Ivica Associate Professor Biology
Ashton, William Associate Professor Behavioral Sciences
Auriemma, Donald Associate Professor Occupational Therapy
Austin, Susan Doctoral Lecturer Behavioral Sciences
Avi-Itzhak, Tamara Associate Professor Occupational Therapy
Babaali, Parisa Assistant Professor Math & Computer Science
Bahri, Hamid Assistant Professor Foreign Languages
Bai, Xin Assistant Professor Teacher Education

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