Historical Tuskegee Airmen visit York College

The 2007 annual College Now summer awards ceremony at York College was recently honored by the presence of nine of the renowned Tuskegee Airmen, famous for their heroics during World War II.
Historical Tuskegee Airmen visit York College

Tuskegee Airmen

The war heroes took part in the ceremony as part of the program’s initiative to encourage and inspire its participants to pursue higher education.

The College Now summer program which taught approximately 80 students over a 5-week period was divided into four subject areas: Astronomy, Fine Arts, Music, Aviation and Psychology.

As part of the award ceremony, the program’s jazz music students wowed the audience with their professional rendition of “Summer Time” and other jazz classics, under the direction of Music professor, Tom Zlabinger. According to the program’s director, Les Raphael, the Airmen were invited by the Aviation students of College Now with the assistance of their instructor Henry Rey.

In brief remarks Lieutenant Colonel Lee Archer advised the students to pursue their education early in life.

"Opportunity is at the door,” said Lt. Col. Archer. “Get educated. It’s desire and planning… for it is a cheap price to pay now, for what you are going to get in the future… if your bags aren’t packed now, start packing.”

The nine Airmen present at the event were: Dr. Roscoe Brown Jr., Lt. Col. Lee Archer, Maj. Victor Terrelonge, Lt. Bill Wheeler, Maj. Humphrey Patton, Lt. Col. Floyd Carter, Julius Freeman, Richard Brathwaite and Carl Finley.

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