Forrester, Wayne


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

    MBA Adelphi University Finance and Capital Markets 1995 
    BBA Baruch College Corporate Finance and Investments 1990 
  2. Full-Time Academic Experience

    York College Lecturer Business and Economics Aug 2009- Present 
  3. Part-Time Academic Experience

    York College Adjunct Lecturer Business and Economics 1995-2009 
    Mercy College Adjunct Lecturer Business and Economics 1997-2000 
  4. Non Academic Experience

    Place of EmploymentTitleDate
    The New York Times Consultant 2009- Present 
  5. Employment Record At This Institution

    Analyst October 1996- August 2009 
  6. Publications In Field Of Expertise

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:
      2. Chapters in Books:
      3. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Government Reports or Monographs
    4. Book Reviews:
  7. Other Publications

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:
      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Chapters in Books:
    4. Government Reports or Monographs
    5. Book Reviews:
  8. Presented Papers, Lectures, And Exhibitions And Performances

  9. Patents


  10. Work In Progress

    1. Books in progress:
    2. Papers in Progress:
    3. Papers submitted to journals for consideration:
    4. Research in progress:
  11. Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

  12. Grants-In-Aid

  13. Institutional Service

    1. Service to the Department

      Curriculum Committee- reviewed and approved the introduction of new courses: Sept 2009 May 2010.

    2. Service to the School

      Faculty liaison to the Investment Club: Sept 2009-May 2010.

      Supervised and implemented the marketing strategy for the Vita Program: October 2009 to April 15 2010.

    3. Service to the College

      Co-chair of the First Year Initiative( Roles and Purposes): Fall 2012- Present.

      Member of the qualitative committee: Spring 2013 - Present.

      Member of the General Education committee: October 2009- May 2010.

    4. Service to the Graduate Center
    5. Service to the University

      Facilitated a discussion on mortgages at York's Economic Forum: Jan 20, 2010.

      lectured at the Turner Academy in fall 2010: .

  14. Offices Held In Professional Societies

  15. Other Professional Activities And Public Service

  16. Teaching Activities At This Institution

    1. Courses Taught (List)
      Strategic Management 481  
      Management 301  
      Principles of Finance 321  
      Investment Analysis 322  
      Money and Banking 311  
    2. New courses/programs developed (list):

      , Implemented and upgraded The Strategic Management class (Bus 481) to include similation/modeling.

Forrester, Wayne

Forrester, Wayne
Business and Economics