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Phone: 718-262-2480
Office Location: AC-2A09


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Sydney  English  2000 
MA  Yale University  English  1994 
BA  Harvard University  English  1991 

Sundeep Bisla, Assistant Professor (tenured) of English, specializes in Nineteenth-Century British Literature. 

Having published a book-length investigation into Wilkie Collins's difficulties with the iterability of the word, Bisla is currently writing "A Visual Primer for Deconstruction." He also has a project underway entitled "Dipped in Inc.: Incorporating the Author in 18th-Century England" in which he looks into the destabilizing effects of uncontrolled repetition on a few English literary and legal contexts. He is currently writing essays on Pope, Percy Shelley, Emily Bronte, Stoker, Marx, Conrad, and Woolf, and a novel in his free time.

Books in Field Of Expertise

Bisla, Sundeep. Wilkie Collins and Copyright: Artistic Ownership in the Age of the Borderless Word. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2013. .

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Bisla, Sundeep. "Over-Doing Things with Words in 1862: Pretense and Plain Truth in Wilkie Collins's 'No Name'." Victorian Literature and Culture. 38.1 2010: 1-19.

Bisla, Sundeep. "The Return of the Author: Privacy, Publication, the Mystery Novel, and 'The Moonstone'." Boundary 2. 29.1 2002: 177-222.

Bisla, Sundeep. "Copy-Book Morals: 'The Woman in White' and Publishing History." Dickens Studies Annual. 28 1999: 103-49.

Bisla, Sundeep. "Reading the Native Informant Reading: The Art of Passing on Empathy in 'Beloved'." Cultural Critique. 42 1999: 104-36.

Bisla, Sundeep. "The Manuscript as Writer's Estate: Sensation Fiction, Wilkie Collins's 'Basil,' and the Early-Victorian Copyright Act." Genre. 31.3-4 1998: 269-304.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

"Review of Clare Pettitt, 'Patent Inventions: Intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel'" Studies in the Novel 39.1 2007: 130-32.


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Bisla, Sundeep

Bisla, Sundeep
Assistant Professor