Faculty and Staff

List of Library faculty and staff members.

Department Chair

Kinyatti, Njoki
Associate Professor
O: AC-3G04

Prof. Kinyatti has published numerous articles in reference books. Her research interests focus on gender discrimination in education and violence in Africa with a special emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).  She is also interested in administration in academic libraries and school libraries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Full-Time Faculty

Cleary, Daniel
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3G01A

Professor Cleary's current research interests include open  access journals and their effect on library collections, faculty publishing patterns and student bibliographies.  He has one peer reviewed article published on this subject.  Library facility development in a planned urban environment and public informations's effect on urban development is another area of research interest.  Professor Cleary is contributing book reviews to Choice.

Drobnicki, John
O: AC-3G02A

A Library faculty member at York since 1995, Prof. Drobnicki has written articles about historical topics as well as the presence of Holocaust-denial literature and other controversial materials in libraries, in addition to biographical profiles in various subject encyclopedias. He has been reviewing books since 1991, and has been a reviewer for Choice since 1994.

Machalow, Robert
O: AC-2G03

Finding definitive information in a variety of topics is my specialty. In the past, I have published several books and articles on the use of several computer based programs in the Library.

Megwalu, Anamika
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3G07

Prof. Megwalu has conducted research and published articles on teaching strategies, use of Second Life in teaching and learning, and academic social networking. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN and SCIENCE & CHILDREN. She has written reviews for CHOICE and ARBA. Prof. Megwalu is a peer-reviewer for the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Prof. Megwalu is the Subject Editor of Computer and Information Technologies for RCL/ ACRL. Currently, she has been continuing her research on the use of social networking tools in scholarly communication.

In addition to teaching and research, Prof. Megwalu is also involved in public service; in 2012, she organized a book drive and helped establish the first-ever library for the children of Mikundi Primary School in Malawi through African Library Project.

Miller, Christina
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3G05A
Christina Miller is a school media specialist and York Library's High School Librarian; York College Library serves as the library for the Queens High School for the Sciences at York College. In addition to sharing her expertise in information sources and search methods with York's students, Miller is a reviewer for VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES (VOYA).

Sheidlower, Scott
Associate Professor
O: AC-2G02

Prof. Sheidlower has published several biographical articles relating to various topics from terrorism to American cinema. He has just published a book on using humor to teach information literacy which he co-wrote with Joshua Vossler of Carolina Coastal University in Conway, South Carolina. He has presented at several conferences as both an invited keynote speaker and a panelist on topics ranging from humor and teaching in the library to working with the disabled in library settings.

Simpson, Todd
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3G02B

Su, Di
Associate Professor
O: AC-3G05B

Research interests include library instruction, information literacy, reference databases, Internet resources, classical music, violin pedagogy, business and finance, and sports. Published three books, several articles, and biographical essays relating to these fields.

Professor Emeriti

Young, Hope
Professor Emerita
O: AC-3G05

Part-Time Faculty

 Krepp, Kenneth, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lucas, Pamela, Adjunct Lecturer

 Munoz, Louis, Adjunct Lecturer

 Skir, Holly, Adjunct Lecturer

College Laboratory Technician

 Sarwar, Jahed, College Laboratory Technician


 Adeshina, Tokunbo, College Assistant/CUNYCAP

 Avila, Grace, Assistant to HEO, Manager of Circulation & Reserve

 Dunne, Rose, Staff, Cataloging

 Hilton, Travis, CUNY Office Assistant

 James, Myra, Staff, Chief Librarian's Office

 Main Number, Library, Main Number

 McMillan, Toni, CUNY Office Assistant

 Meyers, Vickitoy, Secretary to the Chief Librarian