Why use Live@York ?

YorkLive Frequently Asked Questions

Live@York offers significant advantages over the current e-mail services provided to students throughout CUNY, such as:

  • 5GB of storage space – Now you can e-mail that long thesis to your professor.
  • It’s never down!  Live@York is hosted on servers managed by Microsoft to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance.
  • Send them all at once!  You can send 14 MB message size, including up to 10 MB attachments and up to 50 attachments together.
  • It’s all about the look!  Your e-mail is hosted on a new Web 2.0 e-mail system with an intuitive and customizable desktop look and feel.
  • Connect to your classmates more efficiently!  Many of your classmates will be using Live@York, so use the Web-based shared calendar, post files on SkyDrive, send meeting requests, and use other cool collaboration tools to coordinate both academic and non-academic activities.
  • Control spam and viruses through filtering.
  • Offline access, POP access, and more access to your personal accounts – all in one place!  You can access your e-mail offline from Windows PCs using the beta version of Live Mail Desktop. Live Mail Desktop also allows access to multiple e-mail accounts -- including Gmail and AOL -- and can include RSS feeds to your favorite blogs and news sources together with your e-mail.  Students will also be able to use POP to access their Live@York mail using other e-mail clients.
  • Multi-task!  You can use your Live@York account to access an extended set of tools offered by Microsoft including Windows Live Messenger, Spaces, and Windows Live for Mobile.
  • Link all your e-mail IDs and check only one account: If you have more than one Windows Live ID, you can link them.  With linked IDs, you sign in only once for all accounts, so you can quickly switch between accounts.
  • Keep your account even after you graduate. Your e-mail account will not be deleted after you graduate - only its look and feel will change. However, to ensure that your messages and files are kept intact, you must login to your account at least once every 365 days, otherwise your content will be cleared, while your e-mail account remains.
  • We’re not done yet!  CUNY will work with Microsoft to continue enhancing the Live@York platform. See http://ideas.live.com for some of the products Microsoft is working on as part of its live initiative.