Support for Students

In addition to online self-paced tutorials, York College offers both individual eportfolio consultations in a new E-Writing Studio and scheduled workshops to help students build an eportfolio.

ePortfolios@York is a browser-based platform, and is accessible from any computer with internet access, making it easy for students to work independently on an eportfolio just about anywhere on or off campus.

Many students can get started with an eportfolio using the self-paced Tutorials.

In addition, students can receive individualized support and assistance in the E-Writing Studio, housed within the Writing Center (AC 1C18). Contact the E-Writing Studio at, or at 718-262-2478.

E-Writing Studio Hours (Spring 2010)

10am - 5pm
1pm - 8pm
12pm - 7pm
10am - 5pm

Studio consultants can assist students with basic eportfolio issues such as theme selection and file uploads, and can help students customize their eportfolios with individualized header graphics and widgets.