Electronic Portfolios (e-portfolios) are an important way for students to demonstrate and share their learning.

E-portfolios (or electronic portfolios) are one of the “must have” elements of an undergraduate education. Beyond the classroom, students use e-portfolios as a kind of resume for the 21st century.

E-portfolios enable you to document and reflect on your growth and development, both within a class and across your undergraduate education.  

Portfolios have long been important in the artistic community, with artists documenting samples of their creative work and framing that work through artist statements.  Portfolios are also often used in classes as a way for students to demonstrate and reflect upon their learning in a course.

E-portfolio extends portfolio practices to the digital age, making it possible for you to present your academic and professional self to friends, instructors, and prospective employers.

Common Elements of E-Portfolio

Electronic portfolios can take many forms.  You might want to get started by building an e-portfolio with the following elements commonly found in college-based e-portfolios.

  • Welcome Page
  • Profile or About Me Page
  • Course Work Pages (with reflections)
  • Showcase Pages (most important samples)
  • Resume

E-Portfolio in Classes

You may find that one (or more) of your teachers assigns an e-portfolio as part of the course.  If so, you'll likely be required to create an e-portfolio and post assignments and reflections to it. Your instructor will give you directions, and provide some assistance.

You may also visit the E-Writing Studio in the Writing Center (1C18) for assistance in developing your e-portfolio, attend one of the e-portfolio workshops offered on campus, or even get online self-paced tutorial assistance.

E-Portfolio Outside of Class

Any York student can start an e-portfolio, and there's no need to wait to take a class.

If you have experience with e-portfolio from another school, or if you just want to begin building an online professional identity, use ePortfolios@York.

York's e-portfolio platform offers over 100 themes, and many of them can be customized.  We also offer an easy-to-install e-portfolio template that creates a basic e-portfolio structure right away.

If you transferred to York College and have previous experience with e-portfolio, consider integrating your previous work into a York College e-portfolio.


ePortfolios@York is entirely portable!  Your eportfolio is built on the open source WordPress Multiuser blogging platform, making it compatible with one of the simplest, most widely used self-publishing platforms in the world.

Whenever you're ready, your e-portfolio can easily be exported from York's website and imported into a free WordPress account.