Smart Classroom Access and Use

Updated procedures and particulars regarding Smart Classroom location and use for upcoming Fall 2013 Semester.

Dear Colleagues,

Following is the list of Smart Classrooms for Fall 2013 semester:

Smart Room Locations
AC-1C06 AC-2E03a AC3E07
AC-1C07 AC-2E03b AC3H14
AC-1E08 AC-3A04 AC4D01
AC-1E09 AC-3A05 AC4D02
AC-1E20 AC-3B01 AC-4E07
AC-2A04 AC-3B02 HP-108
AC-2A05 AC-3B04 SC-103
AC-2B01 AC-3C04 SC-131
AC-2B04 AC-3D03 SC-133

Smart Classrooms are to be locked at the end of each class.

Faculty assigned to a smart classroom will require a room key.

Keys for these rooms are issued by the Office of Public Safety upon submission of a completed Smart Classroom Key Request Form. This form indicates the room assignment and requires the signature of your Department Chairperson. Smart Classroom Request Forms are available at our Public Safety Office on level 1 of the Academic Core Building near the Liberty Avenue entrance.

Also, please be aware that the Colleges Service Desk has created a priority Hotline for in session classroom technology support (718-262-5303). Calls to this number will be given priority over other incoming calls to our Service Desk in an effort to provide the quickest possible response.

Should you have questions or need assistance in the use of Smart Classroom systems you can contact Wenying Huang-Stolte via email ( ), or telephone (718-262-2826).

In addition, an online Smart Classroom tutorial is available on the College website as well at following link.

Thank you,

Peter Tighe

Chief Information Officer

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