YCDirectory is a web-based self-service campus directory and search engine that leverages our official directory contact and profile data. It empowers our employees to safely and securely search and update directory content.

This easy-to-use, web-based directory and search engine is available right now. You can access it directly by simply typing YCDirectory on any Microsoft Explorer browser or as part of the YConnect Self Service portal which is our web-based self service gateway to managing service delivery at York College.

So how does this new tool benefit York?

Rather then relying on a manual process for updating York directory information, YCDirectory will allow every employee at York to update some of the most common searchable contact information directly and immediately. While not every field is editable for security and administrative purposes, there are role based capabilities in each department for getting the information corrected or updated as needed. This will have a direct impact on our ability to maintain an updated directory making everyone more productive when searching our organization for contact information.

What else can I do with YCDirectory?

You will also be able to look up York College contacts by filters. Meaning if you needed to see all the people in a specific office or just wanted to see all professors, YCDirectory allows you to do this. This kind of search capability makes it easier to find people. Additionally and perhaps equally as important YCDirectory is the place everyone needs to go to in order to update your password profile information. In fact if you have not done so, the very first time you enter YCDirectory you will be forced to update this critical information. The purpose of this is the ability for you to self service yourself should you forget your password. You will not need to access our Service Desk because you can answer challenge questions you set up in order to reset your own passwords. This is extremely useful when you are out of the country or need to access our systems during off hours when support is not readily available.

YCDirectory is good but can't I do this in Outlook?

YCDirectory's main intent is to allow everyone the ability to make business contact information current. Everything you do in Outlook will be that much more effective if the contact data is current. Think of YCDirectory as the admin tool for insuring directory information is up to date and keeping pace with the rapid changes of our environment.

What information am I required to update?

In order to have the most current and up to date directory information at minimum your business phone number and location are mandatory. If you do not have your own phone, the phone in the office you are located in should be used. There is other information that is not mandatory but makes YCDirectory even more useful. Fields like Phone type are extremely helpful for our technical support staff when trouble-shooting issues with your phones as well as the Administrative Assistant field which helps others contact the person in your area that is the Admin. Additionally you can add a photo of yourself if you like.  Other fields such as Titles, Department Name and Department Code come directly from data we depend on in our Human Resources department. However we have created roles within each department in order to provide some higher level capabilities for authorizing changes. 

Do I need training on how to use YCDirectory?

Currently, what we are requiring is very intuitive but there might be other features of YCDirectory that you would like to explore. In the YConnect Self Service portal we will provide a new app called Cardinal Register which you can use to sign up for workshops and see schedules for this and all new self service products moving forward. In the mean time if you feel brave click on "YCDirectory" and you will be taken to a "How To" pdf file which will provide directions on how to use the new tool.

As always with this and any other technology systems here at York, contact our Service Desk at 718-262-5300 with questions.

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