What if I have a Mac or Laptop?

While this upgrade only affects Microsoft PC systems any Mac on campus that has the ability to also run a Windows XP window needs to be migrated. This is also true if you have a MacBook that has this same ability. All laptops of any kind must be reported in order for the migration team to do a proper assessment to determine if the unit can be upgraded or needs to be replaced.

We will need everyone who has a York issued iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini or Laptop to report the following to IT as soon as possible:

1. Brand

2. Model number

3. York bar code

4. Serial number

5. Operating system

6. Memory

7. Hard drive space remaining

The critical detail especially for the laptops is the make and model. At minimum we can start the process of doing a look up and determine the hardware parameters. If you have an iMac or Mac Mini just email this information by using the "Submit a Question" from the side bar. We will come around to do a survey for getting the Windows XP partition upgraded.

We can help gather this information for you by bringing your laptop in as soon as possible to our Service Delivery area in room 2E03D. The collection process only takes a few minutes. If you have this information and would like to just send it to us do so using YConnect. We have a special category called "Windows7Upgr" that you should select and in the description field provide the needed information and submit.  To go to YConnect you can type "YConnect" on your Explorer browser and if you are logged into your computer, you should automatically be logged in. For help with this and any other support issues contact our Service Desk at ext. 5311