What Happened To My Printer?

New computers only have USB ports
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Some of you may have notice that your printer stopped working after you received your upgraded computers. This is because all new computers only come with USB ports. The existing system (old unit) has the legacy serial ports which is how your printer was connected. These printer cables do not connect to the new boxes.

We have already ordered the necessary cables to resolve this issue but we are still waiting for them. As soon as they arrive we will be revisiting offices that need them. In the mean time we have either temporarily connected your system to a central copier or another printer in your location that is accessible. In other cases we will bring in a temporary network printer if necessary until we get those cables we need.

If for whatever reason you are not connected to a printer please let us know directly so that we can take action. As I have mentioned in other parts of this web site this is a massive project with a lot of moving parts with a timeline that is not self imposed so your ongoing feedback is critical to us and helps make the necessary adjustments we need to keep moving forward.