I'm Missing Icons

The new Windows 7 Operating system comes with a standard suite of applications.

When the new systems are initially installed they may be missing some of your non-standard local applications. Non-standard is considered anything outside of what comes with the machine. For example all the new systems comes with Microsoft Office 2010, this is considered standard.

Applications like SPSS, Chem Draw, Budget, ePAF, Cardinal Pulse, etc. are not standard and therefore require some post-installation handling. Our team is revisting systems to insure icons that help you access these systems are put back on.

In the mean time for those applications that are web base it is possible to run them without the icon for now. For example ePAF or Cardinal Pulse only require that you run Microsoft Internet Explorer and at the browser address type, "http://york-sd/sde" this will get you in the same way as the icon. You can even create a favorite for it so that you can go back to it as needed until we put back your Icon.

We are closing the time lag between the event of installing and post-install handling as we move forward. However, it is helpful if you know of any applications we may not be aware of to inform us especially when you get our notices for coming around to your areas. Again your feedback is important to us so please submit inquiries or questions using the submit a question link located on the main page.