What happens to my current computer?

One of the critical success points of this migration off of Windows XP /Office 2003 will be insuring that systems which can meet the minimum Windows 7 requirements are repurposed for future support as backups and re-used in areas where a change from a non-compliant system would be an improvement. For example we have many systems used as print release stations, kiosk and other non lab or client base systems which are always in need of back up units.

A large population unfortunately of our current systems do not meet the spec for Windows 7 and so will be salvaged and transferred out of operation. This makes it imperative that any existing data is properly transferred, backed up and or removed before these systems are salvaged for disposal.

As a security measure in order to comply with University security practices all harddrives will be removed from computers for backup and safe keeping incase of any missed data and subsequent data destruction at a designated point in time.

If your existing system is upgraded rather then replaced since we are only replacing systems older than four or more years, it only means that you will be part of the next refresh for replacing the hardware in the next cycle.