Service/Repair Policy

Service/Repair Policy

Support and repair services for telecom equipment includes wireless devices issued by York College. All request for service should be requested by contacting our Service Desk at ext. 5300.

Request for any moves, adds or changes for any telecommunication devices must be made in advance and are subject to department chair or head approval. In the case of wireless devices approval may be required at the VP level.

Telephones issued to offices are the property of York College and therefore subject to property management rules and regulations for the entire life cycle of the device. This means that any issues with these devices must be reported including any need to relocate or remove from any location on campus. 

Under no circumstance should any telecom device be move by non-IT personnel on campus. Telecom devices are programmed based on their wall plate location and moving them can damage the programming. Additionally there is a liability incurred by the college that is mitigated by having properly trained personnel responsible for all moves, adds and changes related to telecom and all technology devices on campus.

All computing devices including telecom and wireless issued by York College are subject to CUNY Central business policies, security policies and York College campus policies which are enforced and subject to audits on a regular basis.

We strongly recommend becoming familiar with these policies as they affect how these systems are to be used during employment at York College. 

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