New Phone System

Please use this web page for reference information on the new phones currently under deployment campus wide during the period of April to June 2016.
New Phone System

IT Announcement: New Telephone and Voicemail System Installation


I am pleased to inform you that the Campus Telephone and Voicemail System Replacement Project is well underway with much of the  infrastructure design and implementation work already completed. We are rapidly approaching the point where project activities will begin to reach you in the form of a new telephone.

Our plan is to install the new Cisco VoIP telephones side by side with your existing Mitel phone using your same telephone number. The new system will be initially activated as an in-house only system which will enable four digit dialing to others on campus as their new phones are installed. Your current Mitel phone will remain fully functional during the period of transition, continuing to supply internal and external telephone service. Your current voice mailbox will also remain active during this period.

We believe the parallel installation will grant you an opportunity to use the new system and phones prior to our cutting over to it for inbound and outbound calls. Perhaps most valuable will be your ability to set up your voicemail greeting and password in advance. Please take the opportunity to do so. We will be providing instructions and assistance in order for you to accomplish this.

Currently, we are targeting the full cutover to the Cisco system to occur prior to the end of semester.  But, if we are delayed for some reason, the cutover will happen after the semester ends when many will not be on campus.  If your voice mailbox is already set up, that should make for a seamless transition.

Greg Vega and Claudio Lindow will be coordinating the telephone installation schedule which we anticipate will begin next week and continue for approximately two weeks. They will contact with your office in advance of your installation date and inform you by email when you are scheduled.

Although some of these activities will occur during Spring Break when many will be off campus, in order to implement the new system prior to the end of semester, we must begin the telephone rollout now. Those of you who will be on campus at the time of the installation, please be aware the telephone installation will involve connecting to your PC and that a technician will require 10 to 15 minutes access to your workspace to complete the task.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and will do everything we can to make this replacement as non-disruptive as possible.

-Peter Tighe

Chief Information Officer | Information Technology