Roll Out Plan Details

This is the roll out plan details. We are trying to anticipate as much as we possibly can and prepare accordingly. Keep in mind that things can change. We will do our best to maintain this information current an will refer to it via announcements.

1. Each area having new phones installed will be notified ahead of time via email

2. New phones will be placed on your desk in many cases next to the current Mitel phone.

3. The new phones in most cases require power necessitating additional time for connections to power outlets.

4. The new phones are daisy chained to your computer taking advantage of this existing network connection. If you are present when we show up save your work as your computer will be disconnected temporarily from the network in order to connect the new VoIP phone.

5. Existing voice mail cannot be migrated to the new voice mail sytem.  Document any key information from any saved existing voice mail to paper.  The existing voice mail will be accessable for a time even after we cut over to the new system but that period is to be determined.

6. Fax machines and fax copiers will remain on the existing copper wires and will be cut-over one at a time only after the go live cut over date of the new system. For this reason there may be service interuptions during the fax cut-over. This is unavoidable as each line has to be physically moved in our telephone room over to special equipment that maintains these anolog extensions

7. Red courtesy phones, Elevator phones and extensions supporting the fire alarm system will also be migrated over to special equipment that maintains these anolog extentions.

8. All extension numbers remain the same including fax lines. No changes will be made to your numbers.

9. Features you may have programmed into the your existing Mitel phones like speed dial will need to be reprogrammed by you on your new phone.

10. Any appearances of other lines on your current Mitel phones will be duplicated on the new Cisco VoIP phones. If you have over 5 appearances of other lines we will need to provide a special side adapter to expand your phone to handle this. We may not have this adpater available when we install the new phone but hopefully will have it by the time we go live.

The above are the top 10 key elements of the roll out. There are other details but we will share those with announcements and other means. We will have documentation for those of you who like to read from paper and of course this web site for those who enjoy information from the web.