Faculty Survey on Classroom Layouts

Plans are progressing on the proposed York Collage Academic Village/Conference Center to replace the Classroom Building. A consulting group has been tasked with designing classrooms in the future building that respond to the pedagogical needs of the faculty. Two model classrooms are to be built in the Academic Core building with two frameworks in mind – a flexible arranged seating classroom (allowing traditional lecture and group work) and a fixed seated group work classroom.
Please consider answering this short survey so we might share your perspective with the consulting group.

 Classroom layouts samply picture

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These are overhead schematics for two types of classrooms. The flexible seating classroom can be arranged in one of four configurations. The fixed seated classroom has two possible configurations. Flexible seating means that the tables and chairs can be moved around. Please select layouts you would find preferable to your teaching style (you may choose as many as you like).

Flexible seating – groups of 6

Flexible seating – groups of 4

Flexible seating – groups of 2

Flexible seating – lecture

Fixed seating arrangement 1

Fixed Seating arrangement 2

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