Current Green Initiatives By York

We've been fortunate to have committee members who've taken initiative and have been able to see a number of projects to completion.

Projects Completed 2008-2009 Academic Year 

  • 185 trees -- to become York Arboretum 
    Ten 6 ft. Fichus trees placed in Core building
  • Underpasses of the LIRR leading to York painted to maximize lighting and safety
  • Creation of Environmental Health and Safety Handbookfinaltreelayoutplanters
  • 20 planters to beautify the campus 
Recycle and Trash Cans
  • Recycling includes all campus buildings

  • Recycling begun at high school located on campus
  • “ZEN”, electric car displayed in atriumzennfichustree
  • Campus wide campaign instituted to have individuals move away from bottled water to our filtered water fountains
  • Energy efficient lighting installed in atrium
  • “Flick-a-Switch Kill-a-Watt” sticker campaign begunnycparkslogo
  • York receives $12,000 from NY State for it energy conservation efforts
  • York partners with NYC Parks Department in creating a plan to bring over 150 trees to the campus Spring 2009
  • Community Gardener Karen Washington visits campus
  • York partners with Transportation
    tourdequeens Alternative in the July 12, 2009 Tour de Queens Bike Tour
  • Lights in parking lot shut off during hours the lot is closed
  • Perimeter lighting on core building now controlled by light sensors
  • Core building burner shut down after 9:00 PM to save fuel
  • Public safety has instituted a policy of shutting off lighting in rooms that are not being actively used
  • Participated in Earth Hour on March 28, 2009

Projects Completed 2007-2008 Academic Year

  • Created the York “Green Initiatives” logogreenlogo
    hybrid parking
  • Designed and implemented York’s “Green Initiatives” web site
  • Implemented hybrid parking
  • Acquired six bicycle racks bikeracks
  • Presidential letter of support for DOT proposed bike lane to York College
  • Created the “Green Initiatives” list serve,
  • Received a $10,000 check, for York’s efforts to save energy, by the NYS Power Authority
  • Twenty trees were planted by the NYC Parks Department along the southern border of the campus
  • Con Edison and York College created a plan to increase lighting 3 times and reduce cost ½ for the Core Building
  • Initiated a comprehensive recycling program and contracted with Royal Waste Management
  • Procedures for York’s recycling program were created, and forwarded to all departments and were posted on the “Green Initiatives” web site

  • Initiated comprehensive campaign to maximize recycling at
     York College

  • Created a “Green Letterhead” to be used by the Office of the President
  • Participated in Idle-Free NYC: World Asthma Day, May 6th, 2008

  • Greenfest at the Plaza May 8th, 2008

  • Showing of “An Inconvenient Truth”, May 13th 2008
  • Participated in “Bring Your Bike to Work Day”, May 15th 2008